Test takers should do some basic preparation, so that you know what to do and expect when you sit for your test.

  1. The Examinee Handbook should be read by everyone

  2. Take the sample test, which has a few questions from each section. 
    a) print the Sample Test and follow the instructions
    b) use the following audio files 
        for Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

  3. take the TOEIC OLPC Placement Test online. 
    Free testing experience (as part of the OLPC #4), which canhelp you feel more comfortable when sitting the test 

  4. buy the online TOEIC OLPC for online English learning 
    with TOEIC practice tests and TOEIC quiz questions.
    Buy the OLPC with the TOEIC Test, this is cheaper. 

  5. Read the Background Questionnaires before the test, 
    in English or your own language

  6. Study English in Australia or New Zealand!
    Ask your test centre what they recommend.

The above are all provided by ETS and specifically designed for the TOEIC Test.